Assigning Points of Connection (BaseStation 3200)
Posted by Leanne Lloyd-Fairey on 13 November 2014 02:08 PM

NOTE: The flow model associated with the BaseStation 3200 V16 firmware no longer includes a point of connection. Instead, there is a new hydraulic component known as a control point. If you are using BaseManager with a BaseStation 3200 V16 controller, see the updated help.

  1. Make sure that the controller that you want to assign points of connection to is displayed in the BaseManager footer. To select a different controller, click the Menu icon in the upper-left corner of the BaseManager page, and then click Sites and Controllers. Continue drilling down until you can select the desired controller.
  2. Position the cursor on the Water Sources tab, and then click Points of Connection in the menu that displays.
  3. In the Points of Connection list, click in the row for POC that you want to assign. The POC page displays.

Note: To return to the Points of Connection list, click the < arrow in the upper-left of the POC page.

  1. Click the Edit button in the lower-right of the BaseManager footer. The POC fields become availble for editing.
  2. In the Description field, type a name that makes this POC easy to identify.

Note: Limit the number of characters in the Description to 42 characters. If you enter a longer description, the controller will automatically shorten it, and then pass the new version back to BaseManager.

  1. In the Use this POC field, a check mark in the box means that the POC will be used. Click in the box to set the check mark or remove the check mark.
  2. In the POC Priority field, click the drop-down arrow, and then select the priority from the list that displays.
  3. Click in the Design Flow GPM field, and then type the specified gallons per minute (GPM) for the point of connection (POC) that supplies water through the flow device to the rest of the irrigation system. The BaseStation 3200 uses this value to manage the number of concurrent zones so that the water source is used as efficiently as possible. If you set this value to zero, you cannot use this GPM amount to control zone concurrency.
  4. In the Mainline field, click the drop-down arrow, and then select the mainline that this POC is connected to.
  5. If you have a master valve and/or flow meter assigned in the controller, you can associate those devices to this POC in the Devices section. In the Master Valve and Flow Meter fields, click the drop-down arrow, and then select the device that you want to associate with this POC.
  6. Review the following information for the settings in the Flow Management section:
    • High Flow Limit GPM - The system uses the GPM value in this field as a critical limit. When this value is greater than zero, the system compares the limit against the measured reading from the flow device every minute. If the flow rate reading exceeds the limit for three or four minutes in a row, the system generates an alert.
      If you place a check mark in the Shutdown field, then programs using this POC will be stopped and corresponding master valves (MVs) will be shut off when the flow rate exceeds the limit.
      If the flow device is a Flow+NOMV type, the flow limit is programmed into the flow device. The system monitors the high flow limit and the NOMV shuts off when the flow limit is exceeded. When a flow device is connected to external power, the NOMV will shut off even when the controller off or powered down.
    • Unscheduled Flow GPM - When this limit is set to greater than zero, the system monitors the flow 24x7 for any flow that does not correspond to running programs.
      When you have a NOMV, you can set this limit to allow some flow that is off schedule, such as from manual taps or hose bibs.
      If the flow exceeds the limit for several minutes, the system generates an alert. If you place a check mark in the Shutdown field, then the associated MVs will turn off.
    • Monthly Budget GAL - When the value in this field is greater than zero, the system monitors the total water used during a single month.
      If the monthly water used exceeds this number, an alert is generated. If you place a check mark in the Shutdown field, then the associated MVs shut off and water is stopped until the first of the next month.
    • If you place a check mark in the Water Rationing field, the system determines the daily water ration by dividing the number of gallons in the Monthly Budget field by the number of days in the month. The system will use only the ration amount for daily watering. If a day is skipped, that water ration is available the next day.
  7. If you want to use a biSensor to monitor the water level and stop using this POC when the water drops below a specified level, click the drop-down arrow in the Empty Conditions Sensor field, and then select the biSensor that you want to use.
  8. When you finish making changes to the POC settings, click the Save button in the BaseManager footer.