BaseStation 3200 – Setting Up Water Source Priorities
Posted by Leanne Lloyd-Fairey on 05 March 2014 10:10 AM

With Baseline’s BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller, you can use water from multiple sources to run your irrigation programs. When an irrigation system is connected to multiple water sources, the water manager usually wants to use the water from each source in a prioritized manner – typically based on the cost of the water from each source.

The BaseStation 3200 controller supports 8 water sources. If you have flow devices and master valves associated with each water source, the controller can manage each one independently based on the priorities that you set up.

In order to draw water from separate sources based on priority, your piping structure must be designed so that your separate water sources feed into one mainline used by your programs and you must have a flow device such as Baseline’s BHM series hydrometer with a normally closed master valve.

Find complete instructions for prioritizing the water sources on your BaseStation 3200 controller in the following PDF document:

Setting Up Water Source Priorities on a BaseStation 3200

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