Water Usage Report
Posted by Leanne Lloyd-Fairey on 09 February 2015 11:53 AM

The information at the top of the report shows:

  • The site and controller that the report was generated for
  • How many points of connection or water sources are enabled on the controller
  • The total number of gallons used in the time period

The bar graph shows the amounts for the specified interval.

  • Expected flow is calculated by adding together the learned flow or design flow for each running zone.
  • Actual flow is the sum of values from all flow sensors during the specified time period.
  • You can position the cursor (or tap) on any data bar on the graph to display a pop-up box that shows the data details.

When you create the report, you can choose an interval for the data.

To see the data displayed... Choose the following interval...
Hourly 24-Hours
Daily One Week, Two Weeks, or One Month
Monthly One Year

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