Understanding BaseManager Subscriptions
Posted by Leanne Lloyd-Fairey on 21 July 2015 03:30 PM

A subscription determines what BaseManager and Mobile Access features are available to a user for each controller. The subscription is associated with a controller, and all controllers belonging to a company will be set to the same subscription level.

New BaseStation 3200 controllers and BaseStation 1000 controllers receive a free BaseManager Plus subscription for the first six months.

Subscription Levels and Capabilities

  • BaseManager Lite: User has access to the controller interface through LiveView from BaseManager. User is able to manually start zones using Mobile Access. Each Lite account only has one authorized user on one controller. (Free)
  • BaseManager Basic (BM): User has all capabilities in BaseManager except WeatherAccess. User is able to manually run zones, start and stop programs, and set rain delays using Mobile Access on one controller.
  • BaseManager Plus (BM Plus): User has full capabilities in BaseManager, full capabilities in Mobile Access Advanced, and WeatherAccess on one controller.

Note: Controllers with inactive subscriptions have no access to BaseManager or Mobile Access. To renew a controller's subscription, please contact Baseline Support at 866-294-5847.