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BaseSation 3200 – Configuring Upper Threshold Moisture Sensor-based Watering
Posted by Leanne Lloyd-Fairey on 19 February 2014 01:31 PM

If you have a Baseline soil moisture sensor (biSensor™) installed in your landscaping and connected to your BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller, you can program the controller to water based on the moisture levels in the soil.

For areas that have a restricted schedule such as specific watering days or specific use schedules like sports fields, upper threshold (also referred to as “greater than limit” or “upper limit”) is a popular watering strategy. With upper threshold, you can choose which day and what time of day to start watering and the sensor will shut off watering when soil moisture reaches the upper threshold, which is usually slightly above field capacity.

Find complete instructions for programming your BaseSation 3200 controller in the following PDF document:

Configuring Upper Threshold Moisture Sensor-based Watering on the BaseSation 3200 Controller